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Memora honlap ikon

For Our Deceased Loved Ones...

Unique Handmade Cremation Memorial Glass Keepsakes and Jewelry 

Cremation keepsakes for all who want to keep the ashes of their deceased loved ones or their beloved pet nearby. The ashes are preserved for eternity hidden inside solid glass products or cremation jewelry. Each keepsake is unique handwork.

What we offer?

We currently offer two types of keepsakes: unique solid glass art with cremation ashes and cremation jewelry made of synthetic material. Each keepsake is a handcrafted product, made to order.

Glass Art

The glassware is born in the Glass Manufactory in Parádsasvár. The glass is made by experienced glassblowing masters with the help of our colleagues. During the manual production, following our instructions, they form the solid glass into the appropriate shape, while carefully giving the prepared ashes into the still liquid material, thus fixing them in the glass keepsake forever. In the glass that solidifies during cooling, the ashes create varied, unique, white lines and shapes, well separated from the colored glass chips.

We are currently able to produce glass orbs, glass hearts, and some other shapes. All orders are handled with the utmost care and respect, following strict tracking and manufacturing methods.


Jewelry does not require melting, their material is synthetic, so we have more options regarding decoration. The choice of shape and color is almost limited only by the imagination. Our jewelry is not fragile, resistant to external influences. We make jewelry that can be worn on a necklace or Pandora-type bracelet, in countless shapes and colors. Feel free to contact us with your unique idea!

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