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About Us

“I want you to Slow down
I just want it all
To slow down
I want to make a forest
Of a moment
And live in that forest
For ever
Before you go.”

-Matt Haig-

A webáruház alapítója

I never thought I would ever be involved in glass art. It was my father’s genre, he, as an excellent glass artist designed a lot of glass products and received many awards.
He designed also the glass manufactory, where our memorial products are made today.

After his death, the glassblowing workshop remained unfinished, and I was very surprised when my brother, who was basically blessed with a journalistic vein had started the manufactory. The glass manufactory of Parádsasvár is operating today with huge success.

I found the idea of memorial glass orbs on American websites.
I came across the beautiful but at first, seemingly strange idea that people preserve the ashes of their loved ones in glass orbs.

Seeing how reassuring it is for people to keep the ashes with them instead of the dark and cold ground and to lock them in a work of art, after a short thought I started to implement the idea in Hungary.

After all, the family tradition, the glass art and manufactory, was a given.
Following this path, we have stepped step by step towards an online store offering an ever-increasing selection, where a large selection of not only glassware but also cremation jewelry is now available.

Please look around in our webshop!

Our Glass Art Partner is: Parádsasvári Üvegmanufaktúra

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