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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Please ask the funeral assistant company to set aside a small amount of ashes for the keepsake. (Only 3-5 grams are needed.) The remaining ashes can be placed in an urn as usual and bury according to your original request.
2. If you are planning a scattered funeral instead of a traditional one, you will receive the ashes in an open bag. You need set aside 3-5 g of ashes. (A half teaspoon).
3. If the ashes are already in a sealed urn insert, they can only be opened in the crematorium. This has some costs. Please contact the funeral company to help.

If you want a keepsake to be made for a previously deceased relative, you must have access to the urn. For each memorial product, we use about 3-5 grams, less than a teaspoon of ash.
You must take this amount out of the urn with the measuring spoon. This can cause you difficulty for understandable reasons, in which case ask one of your relatives or close acquaintances to help.
However, if the ashes are in a previously sealed urn insert, they can only be opened in the crematorium. This has some costs. Please contact your funeral assistant company in order to get the necessary amount of ashes. You can then take the urn home and store it at your discretion, or bury it in the traditional way of course keeping in mind the legislation.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your order. The process is different in Hungary than abroad.
You can give the ashes to us in person (we will go out for it in Budapest or around the capital, if possible) or as an MPL postal package. From abroad, you can use only the postal service.
After receiving your order we will send you a small package.
The package includes a container for ashes, a dispensing spoon, instructions and an addressed package box in which you can safely send us the ashes as a mail package.
Each order has a unique identification number, which is marked on both the container jar and on the order form.

The ashes containers are stored in a separate lockable cabinet with an identification number. Each order has an identification number to ensure anonymity and secure identification.

During create glass keepsakes, we put the cremation ashes and the chosen color into the glowing, liquid, transparent glass, the ashes appear as a thin grayish-white layer, line, dots deep in the glass.

When making jewelry, the ashes also appear as whitish-gray dots.

Bubbles may form in the vicinity of the ashes, which do not affect the aesthetic value of the product.

We will send you the finished keepsake by courier inside Hungary, and by postal service from Hungary to abroad.

Feel free to contact us or read our Terms and Conditions!

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