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Choose an item and keep going to make the order. If you are unsure or have questions, feel free to contact us!

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We will contact you by email or phone within 48 hours of receiving your order to discuss the details. We finalize the type, colors, shape of the keepsake, any individual requests, and discuss how to receive the ashes.

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We take over the creamtion ashes as agreed. This can be done in person or by post.

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From the cremation ashes, we make the keepsake in the requested material, color and shape.

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The finished keepsake is usually handed over to you in person. Of course for remote recipients, we use parcel shipment service or post. 

The Order Process

Please select and add to cart the item you want to order on the Page: Keepsakes. As soon as we receive your order we will contact you by email or phone. Since all keepsakes are made to order, we must first receive the cremation ashes. From abroad it can be done as an MPL secured and registered mail package. We need only 3-5 ml (half teaspoon) ashes for each keepsake. The delivery cost for the entire process from and to abroad is different between countries.* If you have any other special questions, you can ask them at any time at one of the contact details provided.

How Is It Made?

By glass art, the cremation ashes will be delivered to the glass manufactory. Our jewelry, on the other hand, is made in Budapest. Each creation ashes container has a unique order number to maintain identification and anonymity. Orders can be fulfilled in the order in which they are received, which can sometimes take several weeks. Please be patient. During manufacture, the glassblower gives the ashes into the molten glass, which together with the glass as well as the dyes form unique patterns. In the case of jewelry, the chosen shape, color and decoration will be created. The finished keepsake will be compact and solid.

Delivery Process

We will deliver the finished keepsake to you by courier service. The exact time of delivery is always agreed in advance. Please check the integrity of the item in the presence of the courier to enforce any warranty claims.


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